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Lewisham 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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The Board's Hospital.
There have been but few patients admitted to the Board's
Hospital during the year. The establishment has been
maintained in a thorough state of readiness in case of any
Residents in the District are invited to use this Hospital
should any cases of infectious or contagious disease occur in
their families, the charge being only one guinea per week,
covering medical attendance, board, lodging and nursing.
The Hospital is for non-pauper patients only.
Application for admission should be made at the Board's
Offices at Catford, where forms of the require certificate
and agreement may be obtained.
Sanitary Work.
Table six in the Medical Officer's Report shows the
number of complaints brought under the notice of the Board
and the Committees, and the proceedings taken thereon.
There are in so large a district many instances in which
nuisances or sanitary defects can only be brought to the
notice of the Board or its Officers by the occupiers or persons
interested. On receipt of notice from any person of any
nuisance or defect the Board's officers will at once attend to
the matter, and proceedings will be taken if the defect comes
properly within the Board's jurisdiction under the Sanitary
The house to house inspections, under the regulations
adopted by the Board as to houses let in lodgings, or occupied
by members of more than one family, referred to in previous
reports, have been continued.
During the year there were 221 complaints or requests
as to the removal of dust. Personal enquiry was made into
each such case. In the majority of cases it was found that the
men were not allowed to remove the dust on calling for the
same in their regular rounds. These refusals frequently arise
in consequence of some little inconvenience to occupiers or
their servants at the time of the dustman's call, and as the
men cannot call again until their next round, the ashpits

The sum outstanding at Lady-day, 1891, under each rate of interest was as follows:—