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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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2 APRIL, 1890.
"you that the Council will, upon receiving a report by
"its Engineer, as required by the Act, that the road has
"been properly maintained and repaired, be prepared to
"pay towards the cost of such maintenance, &c., in the
"year 1889-90 the sum of .£257 us., being the same as
"that paid to the Vestry by the Government in respect
"of each of the two preceding years.
"I shall be glad to be informed at your early convenience,
whether the Vestry is willing to accept this
"I am, &c.,
(Signed) " H. DE LA HOOKE,
" Clerk of the Council.
" The Clerk of
"The Vestry of Mile End Old Town,
" Vestry Hall, Bancroft Road, E."
That your Committee resolved to recommend—That the
London County Council be informed that the Vestry is not
willing to accept the offer of the Council to pay £257 118. as
the proportion payable by the Council of the annual cost of
maintenance, &c., of the part of the Commercial Road in this
Hamlet, and that the Vestry will appeal to the Local
Government Board in the matter, unless some satisfactory
arrangement be at once come to.
(3) That your Committee having inspected the following
places resolved to recommend as follows:
That a crossing of dressed granite pitching be constructed
in Mile End Road at Coborn Road, the estimated cost being
(4) That the London County Council be informed in reply to
their letter of the 12th ult., that the Vestrv do not deem it
necessary to call upon the superintending architect to decide
the general line of buildings in the Mile End Road, in
reference to the bay windows at 91, Mile End Road. (Case
(5) With regard to the reference of your Board)—That notice
be served upon Mr. Goodrich of 354, Commercial Road, requiring
him to abate the nuisance to the footway thereat,
and that in default of his compliance, proceedings be taken
against him.
(6) That additional lamps be placed as follows, at an estimated
cost of £3 1 os. each.
(a) One in Oley Place.
(b) „ Copley Street (South end).

2 APRIL, 1890. Financial Statement, Thursday, 27th March, 1890.

Balance at Bankers£8,837168
Cheques drawn but not paid.
Whitford &Co.29170
Relieving Officers180
Cox, C.12100
Baxter, A.16134
Available Balance£8,77184

(2) That your Clerk submitted the following Accounts duly certified and approved, which your Committee recommend for payment, viz:

Hawkings, S. W.On accouut of contract for jobbing sewers work40000
Harlaud, R.H. (Analyst)Analyses, thirty-six cases18180
Knight, J. M. (Surveyor)For payment for refreshments for No. 3 Committee, one survey2150
DittoDitto for utensils for kitchen at Mile End Dust Wharf266
Smith, A.Brooms2940
Gardnen, T. & Co.Lighterage of refuse to Edmonton 49 18 0
Steam coals 4 5 0
One quarter to Lady Day5430
Jarvis, T.Wheels and tyreing, one quarter to Lady Day44168
Whittingham, T.Harness and repairs to harness1446
Caston, WIronmongery6168
Shove, Mrs. M. A.Bran and oatmeal1430
Fennings, R. L. & J.Balance of contract for l,500 tons of broken Guernsey granite227190
Wills& PackharaFlints, sand, and ballast11434
French, J. & Co.Pressure gauge for road roller324
That your Committee resolved to recommend—That a cheque for£400 be drawn in favor of your Surveyor on account of labor.
That your Committee resolved to recommend—That the following cheque be drawn re "Harford Street Improvement":
Jackson, J.Further on account of contract for works in Harford Street55000