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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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2 APRIL, 1890. 5
Moved by Mr. Richardson seconded by Mr. Brown as an
amendment—T hat seven o'clock in the evening be inserted
instead of eleven 111 the morning.
The Chairman then submitted the motion and amendment
and there were
In favor of the amendment 17 votes
„ „ motion 31

1 The Chairman declared the resolution carried.
A division was demanded but was afterwards withdrawn.
VII. The Surveyor asked to be allowed to be absent on Easter
Moved by Mr. J. D. Kemp seconded by Mr. Birks and
resolved—That the request be granted.
VIII. The Report of Committee No. 2 was brought up as
follows :
To the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town.
Report of Committee No. 2.
For Highways, Paving, Lighting and Watering.
Wednesday, 2nd April, 1890.
Your Committee beg to report that they met on Thursday
the 27th day of March, ult., there being present Messrs.
Calton, W. A. Kemp, J. Druitt, Ludbrook, Schweitzer,
Andrews, and Loftus.
That your Surveyor brought up and read a Report for
which your Committee beg to refer your Board to his Report
(1) That your Committee resolved to recommend—That the
wages of the labourers whose petition for an increase of
wages was referred to your Committee by the Vestry at the
last meeting, be increased 2s. per week.
(2) That your Clerk read a letter from the London County
Council as follows:
" London County Council,
" Spring Gardens, S.W.
"21st February, 1890.
" Sir,
"The Council has had under consideration the
"subject of the maintenance of the roads disturnpiked
"since 31st December, 1870; which by the Local Govern"ment
Act, 1888, became vested in the Council.
"In your letter of the 20th inst., you state that the
"Vestry of Mile End Old Town has resolved to retain
"the management of so much of Commercial Road East,
"as is within its jurisdiction; and I have new to inform

The tenders were then opened as follows:

Butler, W. C.To pull down and clear away to level of pavement, and to pay the Vestry the sum of£11126
Barlow, B.Ditto ditto1500
Young, W.Ditto ditto2100
Base, C.To pull down and clear away to basement level, the Vestry to pay to him the sum of -800
Proctor, C.Ditto ditto600
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