London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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List of Contracts entered into during the year ended 25th March, 1891 —Continued.

Date.Names of Contractors.Nature of Contracts.Amounts paid or to be paid to the Contractors.
1890. Nov. 26Griffiths, W.Redressing and relaying pitching in Commercial Road from Arbour Square to boundary Whitechapel Schedule of prices
„ 26Carter & AynsleySupply of 25 Lamp posts at 21/- each2650
„ 25 Lanterns at 5/5 „6155
Dec. 1Pechey, J.T.PSupply of 20 quarters of beans at 34/- per qr.3400
„ 17Caton,H.w.Veterinary attendance to and shoeing of Vestry's horses, at £4 per horse per annum, and examining of horses for purchase extra, for one year
„ 17Wright, E. & F.Supply of Gullygrates and frames, ventilating shafts and manhole covers for one year at 5/3 per cwt.
1891. Jan. 7Cole,T.& WPerformance of Smiths' work, for one year
Schedule of prices
„ 7Fox W. & Co.Supply and fixing wire netting at recreation ground, Stepney Green, at 6½d. per ft. run, and Gates 5 - each extra
„ 7By ford, JSupply of Portland cement at 33/- per ton, Grey-stone lime 19/6, Ground lime 22/-, Lias lime 24/-, for one year
„ 14Shearing, F. W.Supply of 20 quarters of beans at 36/- per qr3600
„ 21Pechey, J. T. P.„ 100 „ oats at 19/9 „98150
Feb. 18Gingell, J. Son & Cruickshank„ Fodder for 3 months—schedule of prices
„ 18Hawkings, S. WPerformance of jobbing sewers' work tor one year
schedule of prices