London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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General Purposes Account—Continued.

Receipts.£ .ref.£s.d.
Brought forward54,03763Brought forward2,845199
By Grants, to—
Harness and repairs1049650
Horses, purchase10830600
Horses, carts, and drivers, hire of100242120
Hydrants and repairs106X w 46
Infectious diseases—1
Notifications11291i 30
Disinfectants35y * 2\n6
Removals to hospital11260 00
Repairs to disinfecting oven37i60
Ironwork for carts2 381 12\j 7
Legal expenses, lease of Dust Wharfi37---' 6l96
Lighterage of refuse29h400
Loans, (other than Harford Street Improvement—
Medical examination of Vestry's work-man45110
Mile End Dust Wharf, utensils for kitchen133266
Mortality returns1963177
Name plates and repairs1351948-
Office, &c. furniture— linoleum, matting, mat, table, desks, desk rails, &c.19330174
Oilman's articles, roads and stables13849155
Paving works under contract—
Carriageways (including £129 4/10
received from Whitechapel B. W.150274111
Paving materials—
Broken granite1561,224166
York paving15948369
Tees Scoriæ blocks159390151
Kentish flints156197711
Granite pitching156106176
Granite kerbing16210126
* Carried forward t.£54,037600Carried forward ...... £10,653103

We have examined the foregoing Account with the Books and Vouchers and find the same to be correct.
We have verified the balance shown to be at the Bank on the 25th March, 1891
(Signed) Wilde & Venables,
Chartered Accountants,
69, Moorgate Street.
16th May, 1891.
Audited, found correct, and allowed, this 19th day of May,1891.
j. f. haines.
w. s. colley.
Signed t. murphy. Auditors.
william bull.
richard halley.