London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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abstract of accounts, 1890-91, ref.£ ref.£s.d.
Tobalancebrought forward from last year's accountA77,268ByAdulteration Acts, Analyst'sfeesg 22693196
Accountants fee552100
Adulteration Acts, finesg 22622100Advertisements23072
Deposits, roads,.less amountsreturnable3916154/Articlesfor Vestry Hall—
Infectious diseases-Coals5919180
Notification of112110110Oilman'sarticles59816
Ditto,amounts not called for, unknown, dead, or gone away, &c.1114176Gas fittingrepairs59370
Interest allowed by Bankers, proportion1167578i toRefuse29480167
MaintenanceofMileEnd Road over Globe Bridge1392500iPaving blocks15912751
Cartsandvans, purchaseandkeeping in repair22129150
Paving streets at expense ofowners—
Moody Street (partof)1435600Clothes, &c., formen—
Exmouth Court1442558Suitsfordisinfecting372176
Georgiana Place590Goggles for stone breaking2220130
Gateway, Bridge Street. 143—500Commission onsaleof dust211213 8u 10
Paving works, amount received from Whitechapel Board ofWorksforpaving part ofCommercial Rd.,in theirdistrict150129410Compensations263096
Rates on calls4934,72253Wheelbarrows31972
Removaloftrade refuse17448130Dredgingatlay-by, DustWharf1451070
Rents— Premises, Canal RoadEngine &c. repairs2301170
18048150Expenses of-117
Land, Edmonton18117110Assessment Committee, (including £100forClerk's salary)624585
Salary ofMedicalOfficerofHealth moietyfrom L.c.c. proportion of124911211
Nos. 1, 2,andDusting & CleansingCommittees631360
Sale of—
Refuse17735966Refreshments for men at stables and water troughs245404
Horses by auction10837139
Dead horse108100forage forhorses—
Oldiron, proportion1408126Fodder6974643
Annual Reports8O10Beans717000
Street Improvement, Harford Street—Greenmeant and carrots6949911
Contribution by l.c.c.2107,50786
Branand oatmeal714980
Proceedsof—Fuel for steam road roller, &c.—
Sale ofsurplusland2102,61850Coke and tar6752126
Pullingdown, &c. oldbuildings2102100Small coal671240
Rentofadvertising station2101800Firewood671200
Street Improvement, White Horse Lane—Gas to Establishment-
Proceedsof—Vestry Hall903286
Saleof Manor House22155480Stables, Canal-Road902008
Contribution by l.c.c.221225211Mile End Dust Wharf91094
Carried forward£54,037Carriedforward£2,845199