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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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290 18 MARCH, 1891.
Moved by Mr. Padfield seconded by Mr. Upton and resolved
—That the Report be received.
Moved by Mr. Padfield seconded by Mr. Upton and resolved
—That the Report be adopted, and it was resolved accordingly.
The Clerk having explained with regard to the course to
be pursued with reference to the £7,507 8s. 6d. to be
received from the London County Council for their contribution
towards the Harford Street improvement,
It was moved by Mr. Henley seconded by Mr. Padfield
and resolved—That a cheque for £7,507 8s. 6d. be drawn
in favour of the London County Council to be paid to them
on receipt of their contribution.
III. The Report of Committee Xo. 2 was brought up as follows:
To the Vestry of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town.
Report of Committee Xo. 2.
For Highways, Paving, Lighting and Watering.
Wednesday, 18th March, 1891.
Your Committee beg to report that they met on Thursday,
the 12th day of March inst., there being present Messrs.
Calton, Loftus, J. Druitt, W. A. Kemp, Ockelford, J. Brown,
Andrews, and Wood.
That your Surveyor brought up and read a Report for
which your Committee beg to refer your Board to his Report

18 MARCH, 1891.

Gt. Eastern Railway Co.- Gas and water to Mile End Dust Wliarf, half year to Xmas. last1126
Clark, Hunt & Co. Forks724
Reynolds, S. Fodder17436
Hawkings, S. W . Repairs, etc., at Offices of Vestry Hall15811

That your Committee resolvedto recommend—That the following cheques for salaries, &c., be drawn, viz.:

Jutsum, M. (Clerk) One quarter to 25th inst.112100
Hall, E. (Asst. Clerk) Ditto62100
7 \ * Greeves,A.(Sd.Asst. Clerk) Ditto37100
Knight, J. M. (Surveyor) Ditto14S100
Taylor, Dr. T. Ditto7500
( Medical Officer)
Corner, Dr. M. Superannuation allowance as Medical Officer of Health15150
Ditto as Analyst300