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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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18 MARCH, 1891. 289
The net cost of the White Horse Lane improvement
was 552 13 1
and the Contribution of the London County
Council was 225 211
Leaving a further sum paid out of Rates of 327 10 2
There has therefore been paid out of Rates a total
of £ 4,258 1 8 9
That your Committee report that it is questionable if the
London County Council will sanction the borrowing of the
whole £4,000, but your Committee beg to recommend—
That the Vestry apply to the London County Council for
consent to borrow a sum of £4,000 on mortgage of the rates,
for defraying the cost of the Harford Street and White Horse
Lane Improvements, over the sums received or to be received
for recoupments.

(2) That your Clerk submitted the following Accounts duly certified and approved, which your Committee recommend or payment, viz.:

French, J. & Co. Oil18146
Richardson, A. Illuminating and framing1 Vote of Thanks to Mr. Hirst (late Churchwarden)050
Girling, J. & H. Coals for Establishment (2 tons)2140
Griffiths, W. Granite edge curb10126
Smith, T. & Son Articles for paint205
Taylor, Dr. T. Consultation feeRe accident to Mrs. Butcher in Rhodeswell Road110
Examining Vestry's wrkmn. (Boyton) and reporting to Committee110/
For amount paid for damage to clothes in disinfecting same70
Harland, R. H. (Analyst) Analyses, 40 cases2100
Gt. Eastern Railway Co. Carriage of refuse701411
Fox, W. & Co. ... Sieves and repairs600
Ruston, J. Keeping three slop vans in repair as per contract, six months to February last726
Lovett, e, Baskets and repairs15180

Signed w. J. HASTED.