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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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8 OCTOBER, 1890. 163
The Clerk submitted Precept in duplicate for the Seal of the Vestry.
Moved by Mr. Upton seconded by Mr. Hirst and resolved
— That the Seal of the Vestry be affixed to the Precept in
The Seal of the Vestry was affixed thereto accordingly.
assessment committee expenses, [resumed.]
Moved by Mr. Richardson seconded by Mr. J. BrownThat
the account of the Assessment Committee as presented
this evening, be referred to a Committee of the Whole Board
for investigation, and that the Committee meet on Wednesday
evening next.
The motion was submitted to a show of hands and there
In favor 12 votes
Against 20 „
The Chairman declared it lost.
Moved by Mr. Richardson seconded by Mr. J. Brown—
That the account be referred back to the Assessment Committee
to furnish particulars of the items for refreshments and
the £ 18 for preparing returns.
The Chairman submitted the motion to a show of hands
and there appeared
In favor 8 votes
Against 19 ,,
The Chairman declared it lost.
V. Moved by Mr. Richardson seconded by Mr. Upton and
resolved—That the Vestry do now adjourn until this day
fortnight at 7 p.m.
vi. notice of motion.
By Mr. Steadman— , , . ^ ^
That this Vestry instruct the Clerk to ask the Great Eastern
Railwav Company to give increased facilities to the
working men residing in this Hamlet, by running
workman's trains, so as to enable them to travel to
and from the Victoria and Albert Docks at a cheaper
rate than now charged.
The Meeting then separated.
robert kemp.
Signed charles lacey.

(1) That your Clerk submitted a Financial Statement a copy of which is as follows:

Financial Statement, Wednesday, 8th October, 1890.

Balance at Bankers£2,646131
Cheques drawn but not paid. Shelitoe, E.6187
Corner, Dr. M.18150
Tyrrell, Mrs. J. S.4500
Rollinson, Mrs. M. A.3100
Great Eastern Railway Co.3150
Carpenters Co.16100
Gardner, T.38150
Available balance£2,485196