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Mile End 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hamlet of Mile End Old Town]

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8 OCTOBER, 1890.
General Purposes Account in respect of such improvement
over the amounts borrowed; and your Committee therefore
recommend—That a precept be issued to the Overseers requiring
them to raise and pay over to the Treasurer of the Vestry the
several sums following, at the times and for the purposes
following; that is to say, the sum of £22,025 for the General
Purposes of the Vestry, by two instalments, the first of
.£11,000 to be paid on or before the first day of December
next, and the balance of .£11,025 on or before the second day
of February next, the sum of .£1,375 for Lighting the Hamlet
to be paid on or before the second day of February next.
john wm. henley.
Signed thos. a. macve.
fred. j. reilly.
Moved by Mr. Henley seconded by Mr. Coker and
resolved—That the Report be received.
Resolved—That the Report be considered seriatim.
payment of cheques.
After explanations had been given of several of the items,
it was
Moved by Mr. Richardson seconded by Mr. Henley and
resolved—That all the cheques recommended to be paid down
to and inclusive of that of £20 1s. to Mr. J. Matthew, be
drawn and paid, and it was resolved accordingly.
assessment committee expenses.
Moved by Mr. Henley seconded by Mr. Lacey—That that
part of the Report be adopted.
Moved by Mr. Richardson seconded by Mr. J. Brown as an
amendment—That the account be paid with the exception
the refreshment bills and the £ 18 for cost of preparing returns,
and that these items be referred back to the Committee to
bring up further particulars as to the number of persons taking
refreshments, and the persons to whom the £18 was paid.
1 he Chairman submitted the amendment to a show of
hands and there were
In favor 6 votes
Against 16 „
The Chairman declared it lost.
The Chairman then submitted the motion and declared it
carried and it was resolved accordingly.
Moved by Mr. Henley seconded by Mr. Hirst and resolved
—1 hat the remainder of the Report be adopted, and it was
resolved accordingly.

Present— mr. churchwarden r. kemp in the Chair.

Messrs. allen, s.Messrs. lloyd, a.
andrews, j.loftus, j.
atkins, a.lyon, m.
bandey, f.lyons, s.
baxter, t.mcewen, j. w.
bell, a. m.macve, t. a.
bell, k.manchee, s.
birks, c.mardle, J.
blowey, p.mardorf, J.
booth, t. w.marshall, w. t.
brown, j.martin, f. g.
browning, t.moore, a.
bull, h.nicholls, e.
burge, g. f.padfield, g.
calton, j. t.peacock, o. w.
chidgey, h. t. a.porcas, c. h.
coker, g.proops, e.
druitt, a.reilly, f. j.
dwyer, j. s.richardson, t.
forster, j. a.robertson, a.
furness, a.robinson, t. e.
henley, j. w.smith, t. j.
hirst, r.steadman, w. c.
jacobson, a.taylor, j.
kemp, w. a.thomas, h.
lacey, c.upton, w. s.
livermore, t. g.wood, f. t.
—55 members