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St Giles (Camberwell) 1879

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell]

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The result is shewn in the accompanying table.

Actual Returns of Death.Deaths in Workhouse and Lunatic Asylums redistributed.Estimates of Death.
Dulwich99+ 5= 44
Camberwell1206—433+ 109= 802
Peckham1300+ 183= 1483
St. George's966+ 136= 1102
Total3511—433+ 433= 3511
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On these estimates of population and of deaths,
the death-rate for 1879 was, for Dulwich, 5.39 per
1000; for Camberwell sub-district, 20.57; for Peckham,
25.2; for St. George's, 21.37 ; and for the whole
Parish, 21.74. The discrepancies here are so obvious
that on the face of them no one could well accept
them as even approximative estimates of the mortuary
rates. It is almost absurd to suppose that the deathrate
of Dulwich was as low as 5.39 per 1000 ; and
equally absurd to believe that the death-rate of Peckham
exceeded that of St. George's by nearly 4 in the
1000; for though Dulwich is no doubt healthy, the
residents there are not so long lived as a mortality of
5 in the 1000 implies; and though Peckham contains

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