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St Giles (Camberwell) 1879

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell]

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• The total charge for road watering purposes for the season amounted to £1285 13s. 2d., as follows:—

Length of Road watered.Charge for water.
20 MilesWater supplied by the Southwark and Vauxhall Water Company80000
7£ MilesWater supplied by the Lambeth Water (Company, including Standposts, &c.)29432
4 MilesWater supplied by the Kent Water Works Company16000
87 MilesWater procured from 29 Wells, sunk in the lower parts of the Parish by the Yestry, and also by water from the Grand Surrey Canal31100
68½ Miles.£1,285132
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The number of Hydrants and Waterposts, the
property of the Vestry, on the Southwark and Vauxhall,
and Kent Companies' supply, is 28; in addition to
these there are 14 Waterposts on the Lambeth supply,
for which the Vestry pay a yearly rental of £1 10s.
each post.
This work has in the past year been carried out
with the Plant provided for the purpose by the Vestry
with the same satisfactory result as in the previous
three years.
The Depot and Stabling Premises rented of the

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