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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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5, Church Passage,
Guildhall, E.C. 2.
January, 1925.
I have the honour to present herewith my Annual Report for the year ending
31st December, 1924.
The total number of vessels medically inspected during the year was 899, and
the total number of cases of illness reported to your Medical Officers was 578, of
which number 60 cases were removed to Denton Hospital.
Temporary arrangements were made for carrying on the duty at Sheerness
Boarding Station, owing to the retirement of Dr. Legge.
Aliens arriving in the Port have been found to be clean, healthy and louse-free.
No plague, cholera, typhus or smallpox case was dealt with in Port.
No plague infected rat has been found in the Port during the year.
Food and Sanitary Inspections have been carried out in a satisfactory manner.
One Sanitary Inspector was promoted to the duties of Food Inspection. Two new
Sanitary Inspectors were appointed on probation.
The question of canned spinach was before your Worshipful Committee.
Bye-laws in connection with house-boats came into force on the 12th June
On April 9th a number of Foreign Medical Officers were shown the Port and
some of the working of the Authority in connection with infectious disease.
Legal proceedings were taken in two cases in connection with recurring
smoke nuisances.
An order was placed for a new motor launch for use on the Gravesend Station.
The annual report on the working of the Canal Boats Acts and Regulations
is appended to this report.

TABLE I.—MEDICAL INSPECTION. From 1st January to 31st December, 1924.

(a) Gravesend.

No. Medically inspected8564746874446268778694103899
No. of Passengers3863454229518862529192,604 1,2523596673189,361
Number of Crews4,909 ;3,4504,1774,2224,1763,3903,3025,5003,4933,8224,152 5i,10649,699
Number of Foreign Arrivals8246437868519909551,1431,0209941,0151,00597611,202
(b) Sheerness.
No. Medically Inspected
No. of Passengers
No. of Crews
No. of Foreign Arrivals132020293152454340453935412