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City of London 1924

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Port of London]

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List of Officers forming the Staff of the Port of London Sanitary Authority, 31st December, 1924.

Office.Name of Officer.Date of entering the Service.Date of Appointment to present position.
MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTHW. M. Willoughby, B.A., M.D., B.C., D.P.H.Camb.May, 1901February, 1916.
DEPUTYCol. J. S. Warrack, R.A.M.C., T.D., M.A.,M.D., C.M.Aberdeen, D.P.H.Camb., Bar-rister-at-Law.April, 1903February, 1916.
ASSISTANT MEDICAL OFFICERS-GravesendW. D. Betenson, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H.Lond.July, 1907July, 1907.
SheernessA. Kidd, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H.Lond. (Vacant.)October, 1908October 1908.
OFFICES— Chief ClerkE. A. SorrellOctober, 1894July, 1924.
1st AssistantW. C. BarhamMarch, 1901July, 1924.
2nd „J. A. GillisMarch, 1914luly, 1924.
JuniorA. W. MooreJanuary, 1920July, 1924.
CharwomanMrs. E. KailNovember, 1922.November, 1922.
FOOD INSPECTORS*A. GarlandMay, 1894December, 1917.
*W. G. WetjenAugust, 1898July, 1921.
*J. H. RolfeSeptember, 1901March, 1922.
*W. W. BurrAugust, 1898October, 1924.
ASSISTANT FOOD INSPECTOR*H. R. HopkinsFebruary, 1899October, 1924.
SANITARY INSPECTORS*P. R. LambeJanuary, 1900January, 1900.
*W. El wardMarch, 1809March, 1909.
*F. J. MassieMarch, 1909March, 1909.
*W. J. BerryFebruary, 1914February, 1914.
*W. GraySeptember, 1921September, 1921.
P. W. CoombeDecember, 1924j On Probation.
W. E. SmithDecember, 1924
DENTON HOSPITAL— Medical Officer in ChargeCol. J. S. Warrack, R.A.M.C., T.D., M.A., M.D., C.M. Aberdeen, D.P.H. Camb., Barrister-at-Law.April, 1903February, 1916.
MatronJ. JacksonFebruary, 1910February, 1910.
Charge NurseM. C. RaggioNovember, 1924November, 1924.
Assistant NursefE. J. PearsonDecember, 1924December, 1924.
„ ,,S. ReesAugust, 1924August, 1924.
,, ,,A. DawesDecember, 1924December, 1924.
Probationer NurseH. PriorApril, 1923April, 1923.
MaidA. ChapmanAugust, 1924August, 1924.
WardmaidM. EdwardsOctober, 1924October, 1924.
Handyman, &c.R. W. RutlandMarch, 1924March, 1924.
LaundressMrs. Rutland
GardenerS. WatermanApril, 1919April, 1919.
LAUNCHES— " Lady Truscott MasterW. JarvisJuly, 1893April, 1911.
EngineerJ. A. HardmanJuly, 1893December, 1911.
MateA. F. RoughNovember, 1914November, 1914.
FiremanA. E. HowardFebruary, 1912February, 1912.
"James Howell"—Motor Launch-MasterC. H. PriceMay, 1912February, 1923.
'George BRiGGs"-Motor Launch-MasterC. StrangeDecember, 1898October, 1913.
EngineerJ. J. SteenMay, 1908October, 1913.
GREENWICH MOORINGS— Barge " Ella Vicars "—
WatchmenH. A. ClarksonMay, 1912May, 1912.
E. Ditch.January, 1915November, 1917.
GRAVESEND—Hulk "Hygeia"—
ShipkeepersA. SalterJuly, 1898July, 1898.
J. H. SalterFebruary, 1919February, 1919.

* These Inspectors possess the Special Certificate of the Royal Sanitary Institute for Inspectors of Food,
t An addition to the Staff due to the absence of Nurse Prior, under treatment in hospital.
a 2