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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Ears Hose and [Throat84, West Ham LaneMonday 9.30
Tuesday 9.30
Rosetta Road SchoolFriday 9.30
By AppointmentPaediatric84, West Ham LaneWednesday 2-4
ClinicsRosetta Road SchoolThursday 2-4
Child GuidanceCredon Road SchoolEvery day except Thursday
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As from July 5th arrangements were made with neighbouring Boroughs whereby mothers and
young children were enabled, if they so desired, to attend the Ante-Natal, Post-Natal, and
Child Welfare or Dental Clinics nearest their homes irrespective of the area in which they
The arrangements for the supervision of children placed for adoption continued during
1948 to be part of the Health Visitors' duties, though exercised during the latter part of the
year on behalf of the Children's Committee. During the year 40 cases were referred to the
Children's Officer for Legal adoption after the probationary period of approximately 3 months.
CARE OP THE UNMARRIED MOTHER AND HER CHILD. During the year there were 154 illegitimate
births accounting for 4.2 per cent of all live births. Where the mother was found to require
special care this was provided through the agency of the Chelmsford Diocesan Moral Welfare
Association, or other appropriate Moral Welfare Workers. St.Agatha's Moral Welfare Hostel,
which is under the auspices of the above Association, is situated In the Borough at 73. Carnarvon
Road, E.15. The Superintendent of this Home works in close cooperation with the Council's
Superintendent Nursing Officer® When necessary the expectant mother is admitted to the Hostel
and transferred to one of the Maternity Hospitals for her confinement. At the end of the lying-in
period she may be readmitted to the Hostel with her baby and allowed to remain until other suitable
arrangements have been made. When the mother is able to provide a home for herself and her
baby, arrangements are made for the admission of the baby to a Day Nursery and the mother enabled
to become self supporting.
During the year 14 West Ham mothers were admitted to St.Agatha's, of these 10 were admitted
before the birth of baby and 4 after.
A Grant of £100 was made to St*Agatha's towards maintenance of destitute girls for the
period up to JUly 5th 1948.
PREMATURE INFANTS. 258 premature births (of babies weighing 5½ lbs or under) were
notified during 1948, of these 84 were bora at home and 174 to hospital. Of those born at home
7 were transferred to hospital.


WHERE BORNNumber of InfantsNumber died within 24 hoursNumber died within 28 daysNumber Survived 28 days
Born at home and transferred to hospital7124
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