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West Ham 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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to hold regular Post-Natal sessions both at this centre and at the Municipal Centres,, INFANT WELFARE CLINICS .

Number of Individual childrenNumber of Attendances
Children under 1 year5,30031,107
Children 1 - 5 years2,62510,419
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ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT,, Arrangements for children to receive this treatment at Balaam
Street Hospital were continued throughout the year and 133 children were referred from the
Maternity and Child Welfare Clinics. The children selected derive much benefit from this
CONVALESCENCE. The Invalid Children's Aid Association have continued to make excellent
arrangements for convalescence for children under 5 years recommended or approved by the
Council's Medical Officers. This enables the children to benefit from the great variety of
homes available to the Association as well as from the experience and skill of the Association's
staff. Up to the 5th July, 1948, the Invalid and Crippled Children's Society also continued
their excellent arrangements, but since that date, for the sake of simplicity and efficiency of
administration all applications are referred in the first place to the Invalid Children's Aid
Association, though some are still placed in the Convalescent Home at Shoeburyness, which
originally belonged to the Invalid and Crippled Children's Society.
Arrangements for the convalescence of mothers and babies have not continued as satisfactorily
as formerly because the homes available for use by the Council in pre-war days are
not again at our disposal for a variety of reasons. It has become very difficult to place this
type of case since a ward at Harold Wood Hospital which was previously set aside for our mothers
and babies has been taken over for other purposes. Since July 5th, 1948, the Local Authority
has been responsible for the convalescence of mothers and children requiring only the ''Holiday''
type of Home, while the Regional Hospital Board is responsible for eases requiring medical or
nursing care*


Children under 5 years.
Invalid Children's Aid Association87
Invalid and Crippled Children's Society20
Mother and Babies.
Harold Wood (before August 1948)39
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SPECIALISTS CLINICS. The following Specialist's Clinics are available to Children tinder 5 years.

Ultra Violet Light.

Children's Hospital Balaam Street (Hospital Board)Monday9-12 and 2-4 P.m.
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