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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Age Distribution

West HamExtra District
Age 5 years--
,, 6 ,,24
,, 7 ,,92
,, 8 „125
,, 9 „104
,, 10 „172
,, 11 „174
„ 12 „266
„ 13 „313
,, 14 „134
,, 15 „225
„ 16 „82
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The intelligence quotient (I.Q.), if obtained by skill and
interpreted with discretion, gives a reasonably accurate measure
of intelligence (100 = average for the age). The intelligence
quotient, however, is not the only factor to be taken into consideration
when assessing a child's suitability for admission
to a special school; educational retardation arising from other
causes must also be allowed due weight. Moreover, a few
children with relatively high I.Q. are too unstable to profit by
education, however carefully modified, in an ordinary school.
But, by and large, educational retardation tends to be associated
with a low I.Q., and in those cases where it is not, it
can usually be rectified without admission to a special school.
It will be noted that an appreciable proportion of West Ham
children have an I.Q. higher than the figure of 70 which is
usually taken as the upper limit normally considered suitable
for such a school. This may be taken as a clear indication
of a need for educational modification which is not being met
in the ordinary school. Whether that need should be met in
the ordinary school, by suitable organisation, or whether the
special school is the best place even for these children of relatively
higher intelligence is a problem for careful consideration,
which will probably only be solved in the light of experience.
Physically Handicapped Children
During the year 24 children were admitted to Grange
Road Special School on account of a physical handicap, including
4 extra-district children; 20 West Ham children left the school.
The leavers were disposed of as follows
Returned to ordinary school 9
Notified T.B. lungs 1
Admitted to Residential Special Schools 1
Left school at 16 years and E.D.211 (D.P.)
completed 5

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