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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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These two Schools are considered together because the
separation of function which is proposed under the Development
Plan whereby Grange Road becomes a School solely for physically
defective children, and Knox Road caters entirely for
educationally subnormal children has not yet been fully implemented,
and some educationally subnormal children are still in
attendance at the former. The combined capacity of the two
schools is:
Educationally subnormal 180
Physically handicapped 80
The maximum numbers on the roll during the year were
182 and 80 respectively, including 36 and 12 extra-district
Educationally Sub-normal Children
During the year 32 West Ham children and 10 extradistrict
children were admitted to the two schools by reason
of educational retardation, and 26 West Ham children and 7
extra-district children left. Twenty of the West Ham leavers
were dealt with as follows:—
One left at 16 years. No action.
Nineteen were notified to the Local Mental Deficiency
Authority, 11 under Section 57 (5) and 8 under Section 57 (3)
of the Education Act, 1944.
Three of the remaining 6 were admitted to residential
special schools.
Two removed from the district.
One was allowed to return to an ordinary school.
Of the 7 extra-district children, 5 left school on attaining
the age of 16 years, and the other 2 were found unsuitable for
further education.

The following table gives an analysis of educational sub-normal children attending the special schools during the year :—

Range of I.Q.'s West HamExtra District
Number between 85-901
,, ,, 80-85
,, ,, 75-808
,, ,, 70-7537
,, ,, 65-704010
,, ,, 60-65299
,, ,, 55-60217
,, ,, 50-55169
,, ,, 45-5072
,, ,, 40-4563
Number below 4021
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