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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Owing to war-time disturbances, figures for 1940 and 1941
are not available. Further information is given on page 13.
ARTIFICIAL LIGHT TREATMENT. This form of treatment,
utilising the ultra-violet rays from mercury vapour lamps,
is given at the Children's Hospital, Balaam Street. As might
be expected, the numbers referred for treatment reach a maximum
in the winter months. New cases referred during the year
totalled 123, but, of these, 13 failed to achieve the regular
attendances which are so essential for success. Dr. Eva Morton,
the physician in charge of the Light Clinic, left the staff of the
Hospital before the preparation of this report, and her usually
informative comments are therefore not available.
SCHOOL DENTAL SERVICE. Mr. J. Aitchison, the
Senior School Dental Officer, left the Service in August to
become Director of the Glasgow Dental School. Mr. J. S.
Dick was appointed Acting Senior School Dental Officer pending
the filling of the vacancy, and he also left the Council's service
before this report was compiled. No contribution is available
therefore from the Senior School Dental Officer.
One other loss was sustained by the Service in the resignation
of Miss Bresin to take up an appointment with the London
County Council. Repeated advertisements failed to secure a
successor. The developments in the School Dental Service
which had been approved by the Committee towards the end of
the previous year did not therefore take place, and, indeed, an
unfortunate regression became inevitable to some degree. A
start was, however, made with the work of converting disused
accommodation at Credon Road School into a clinic containing
two dental surgeries and a dental laboratory, which will be
available when an improvement in the shortage of dental manpower
enables more dental officers to be appointed.
A tabular summary of the work of this service appears in
the Appendix, page 101.
SPEECH DEFECTS. In September, 1947, it was arranged
that the Chief Assistant School Medical Officer should make
periodic visits to the Speech Clinic in order to assist the Speech
Therapist in any difficulties which might arise. Twelve visits
were made from September to the end of the year—three in
September, five in October, three in November, and one in
December. Several cases were referred to the Aural Specialist
for nose and throat conditions and for the possibility of partial
deafness. One child was recommended for a stay at the Fyfield
Open-Air School.

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