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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Highest number under treatment during any
one time (April, May and June) 9
Number of cases in Heart Hospital Schools at
end of the year 7
TUBERCULOSIS IN CHILDHOOD. Manifest tuberculosis
is less common in children than in adults, and usually
takes a different form. Provided it is recognised early enough,
it is more easily curable. Close co-operation was maintained
during the year between the School Health Service and the
Chest Clinic, to facilitate the early diagnosis and treatment of
this disease. Dr. Galpin has submitted the following summary
of the work done at the Clinic in relation to school children—
Number of school children referred by School
Medical Officer 38
Number of school children referred by General
Medical Practitioners 29
Number of school children examined as contacts 82
Number of school children found to be suffering
from tuberculosis 23
The classification and disposal of the definite cases is set
out below:—
Pleurisy 4
Mediastinal glands 1
Lung primary 14
19 (16 were admitted to
Non- Pulmonary—
Knee 1
Spine 1
Meninges 2
4 (all were admitted to
SCABIES. The number of cases of this disease shewed a
further sharp decline during the year, and almost reached prewar
figures. It will be interesting to observe whether future
years produce any more improvement or whether there is a
rock-bottom reservoir of infection which still prevails under
normal conditions. It is to be hoped that the modern methods
of treatment evolved to meet the emergency war-time situation
will be able to improve on pre-war figures.

A comparative table or the rise and tall ot scabies is set out below:—

YearNumber of school children treated
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