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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The following is a table shewing the work carried out during the year under this Act:—

PremisesM/c line No.Number on RegisterNumber of
InspectionsWrittenOccupiers prosecuted
Factories in which Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 are to be enforced by Local Authorities174394451
ParticularsM/c line No.Number of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
To H.M.By H.M.
Want of cleanliness (S.l)43333
Unreasonable temperature (S.3)611-
Ineffective drainage of floors (S.6)81111-
Sanitary Conveniences (S.7)(a) Insufficient9---
(b) Unsuitable or defective1066-
(c) Not separate for sexes11-
Nature of WorkM/c line No.No. of out-workers in August list required by Sect. 110 (1) (c)Section 110No. of prosecutions for failure to supply listsNo. of instances of work in unwholesome premisesSection 111Prosecutions
No. of cases of default in sending lists to theNotices served
Wearing apparel-making etc.1329-
Curtains and furniture hangings173-----
Furniture and upholstery1817-
The making of boxes or other receptacles or parts thereof made wholly or partially of paper3416-----
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