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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Particulars are given hereunder of 35 samples of water taken from the Council's private wells supplying its hospitals situated outside the Borough, which were submitted for examination during the year:—

Source of SamplingNumber of samples
Council's Wells83
Taps of ward kitchens and other points at institutions24
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All samples were found to be satisfactory and were reported
upon as being consistent with a pure and wholesome water
suitable for drinking and domestic purposes.
DAIRIES (excluding milk shops). There are 19 dairies
operating in the Borough, and there were 132 visits made
during the year. As these were satisfactory in all cases, no
action was necessary.
UNSOUND FOOD. During the year unsound foodstuffs
in great quantities and varieties were surrendered, and appropriate
action was taken to ensure that the condemned food was
destroyed, so as to prevent it being used for . human consumption.
Legal proceedings were taken in the following instances:—
(i) An interesting case concerning the discovery of a tiepin
in a black pudding resulted into bringing into Court three
different firms on the issue of a summons. In the first instance,
the butcher who sold the black pudding was found not guilty;
the supplier of the black pudding was also found not guilty.
The third party, the manufacturer, was deemed to be the person
responsible, and was fined £5 and 10 guineas costs.
(ii) Another summons was issued regarding a dirty milkbottle,
the defendants being fined £5. (iii) A jam tart contained
a nail, was considered unfit for human consumption, and
a prosecution resulted in a fine of £5 and 5 guineas costs.
(iv) and (v) Two summonses were issued during the year
in respect of glass splinters being found in milk-bottles being
supplied to schools. In each case a fine of £25 was imposed
by the stipendiary magistrate.
FACTORIES ACT, 1937. Factories are dealt with by
H.M. Inspector of Factories and by officers of the Borough
Council. Defects in the sanitary accommodation of factories
coming to the notice of H.M. Inspector of Factories are
referred by him to the Public Health Department. During
the year 944 visits were made, resulting in the service of 51
written notices. All of these were remedied without having to
institute legal proceedings. Owing to the war years, when
there were numerous changes in factories, and also to an everincreasing
number of new premises, a new factory register is
being compiled, with the co-operation of H.M. Inspector of
The following is a table shewing the work carried out
during the year under this Act:—

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