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West Ham 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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VACCINATION ACTS. The following is a summary of
the work carried out during the year 1947: —
Number of cases in birth lists received during 1947 5,490
Number of certificates of vaccination received 2,300
Number of certificates of postponement owing to:
Health of child 326
Condition of house 2
Prevalence of infectious disease 2
Number of certificates under section 2 of the Vaccination
Act, 1898, and number of statutory declarations
under section 1 of the Vaccination Act, 1907 2,283
Number of certificates of insusceptibility or of having
had smallpox 7
Number of cases:
Parents removed out of district 869
Otherwise not found 316
Number of entries in lists sent to public vaccinators 2,338

Particulars are given below of samples of raw designated milks which were taken during the year and submitted to the appropriate tests:—

Type of MilkNumber SampledResults of Examination
Number satisfactoryFailed Methylene blue testContained coliform bacillusFailed Methylene blue test and contained coliform bacillus
Tuberculin Tested (Certified)54462*4*2*
* Letters of caution sent
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