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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The results of treatment for those discharged were as follows:-

T.B. MinusT.B. plus Grade i.T.B. plus Grade II.T.B. plus Grade iii.
No material improvement0000
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One male was discharged in under four weeks and not
classified and one girl with advanced disease was transferred to
Dagenham shortly after admission. Two cases were complicated
by abdominal tuberculosis and two with cervical glands.
Fortunately there were no cases of infectious disease during
the year.
The work at the Institution was hampered, as at Dagenham,
by the shortage of staff. The appointment of three "Displaced
Persons" on the domestic staff and orderlies to assist the
nucleus nursing staff alone made it possible to keep the Institution
open for the reception of children.
Report by Dr. Helen Campbell, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H.,
Senior Medical Officer for Maternity and Child Welfare
During 1946 the scheme as a whole suffered little alteration,
and the work was carried on steadily both as regards home
visiting and clinic work.
The birth-rate for 1946 was 26.8, as compared with 21.6
for 1945. Possibly the most difficult problem confronting the
Maternity and Child Welfare officers was that of advising the
expectant mothers regarding arrangements for confinement. The
Borough is served by three large maternity hospitals, each of
which admits not only West Ham residents but women from
neighbouring areas. The practice until recently has been to
admit the mothers in order of application, but this resulted in
gross overcrowding of Forest Gate Hospital maternity wards in
particular, so that towards the end of 1946 more stringent

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