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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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During the year it was with difficulty that the work of the
Institution was carried on, owing to the shortage of both Nursing
and Domestic Staff. At the beginning of the year 103 patients
were in residence—at the end there were only 52.
With the appointment of 12 "Displaced Persons" in
October, the position was easier as regards domestic staff. It
was decided at the latter part of the year, for the first time, to
appoint male nurses. Four were obtained, but, with the large
number of vacancies, it made little impression on the numbers
A limited number of concerts and whist drives were arranged
during the year, and were appreciated by the patients and staff.
757 X-ray films were taken, in addition to screenings.
Without accommodation available for minor surgery, the
shortage of beds in outside institutions made the position very
difficult as regards carrying out a more active line of treatment
in suitable cases.
Fortunately, a few vacancies were obtained in the London
Chest Hospital for thoracoplasty and adhesion-section. The long
wait at times, however, proved rather trying for the patients, and
a number took their discharge before treatment was completed.
A number of pneumothoraces were induced and other minor
chest operations carried out. 487 re-fills were given.
Dr. Ruby Posner resigned her position as Assistant Medical
Officer in June. Dr. G. Turner was appointed to fill the vacancy,
and commenced duty on 25th September.
The Surgical Chest Specialist and Dental Surgeon attended
at appropriate intervals.
LANGDON HILL SANATORIUM. At the end of 1945 the
number of patients remaining under treatment was: —
Males 14
Females 17—31
The total admissions during 1946 were: —
Males 18
Females 16—34
Discharges during the year totalled: —
Males 18
Females 21—39
Remaining in on 31st December, 1946: —
Males 14
Females 12—26

The following Extra-District cases were admitted during 1946: —

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