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West Ham 1946

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Number of certificates of postponement owing to:
Health of child 251
Condition of house 3
Prevalence of infection disease 3
Number of certificates under section 2 of the Vaccination
Act, 1898, and number of statutory declarations
under section 1 of the Vaccination Act, 1907 1,948
Number of certificates of insusceptibility or of having
had smallpox 5
Number of cases:
Parents removed out of district 893
Otherwise not found 303
Number of entries in lists sent to public vaccinators 1,890
Particulars are given below regarding the various types of
milk graded under this Order, which were sampled during the
year and submitted to the appropriate tests.

The plate-count was rescinded as and from 1st March.

GradeResults of Examination
Number SampledNumber satisfactoryFailed Methylene blue testPhosphatase testPlate-count (Jan. & Feb.)
Pasteurised (taken from schools)60564†SatisfactorySatisfactory
Tuberculin Tested (Pasteurised)50473†Satisfactory Failed Meth. blue test and contained coliform bacillusSatisfactory Contained coliform bacillus
Tuberculin Tested (Certified)5350-21
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* Letters of caution sent
† Owing to abnormal atmospheric conditions, it was not
possible to carry out the methylene blue test on these ten
samples, as the maximum recording thermometer exceeded
65 deg. F. during the night.

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