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West Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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5. Deaths. Public Health1,277
,, E.M.S.23
6. Number of Operations Performed1,929
7. Number of X-Rays5,859
8. Number of Fractures Treated2,433
9. Number of Post-Mortem Examinations
By Coroner's Pathologist355
By own Medical Officers35
10. Number of Specimens dealth with in Pathological Laboratory11,327
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Report of the Medical Superintendent,
Dr. H. R. England, M.B., Ch.B., M.A.O., M.M.S.A.
The work at Forest Gate Hospital during the year 1945
continued in ever increasing volume, and there was a constant
pressure throughout the year on the available beds in the
Maternity Department, both as regards the lying-in beds and
the increased number of Ante-natal cases requiring in-patient
treatment by reason of a complication of pregnancy or of a
disease complicating pregnancy.
The year 1945 saw the end of hostilities, and the war years
had been a very trying time, and I feel that the fact that
during the period September 3rd, 1939, to the end of the war
in Europe, 6,795 babies were born at Forest Gate Hospital
deserves a mention in this final war year report. I think this
a very considerable war effort and one of which the staff at
Forest Gate Hospital,' and the County Borough of West Ham
might well be proud when taking into account the difficulties and
harassing conditions under which so much of the work was

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