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West Ham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The shortage of domestic help was even more acute, but
was relieved to some extent by the introduction of Belgian
maids, the hospital receiving 15 in the first place.
As would be expected, no considerable alteration was made
in the buildings, but recommendations concerning some departments
were drawn up. For some time there had been an
increase in the number of casual cases seen at the hospital and
there had been an increased demand for the establishment of
consultative clinics where a patient could be referred by a general
practitioner for a second opinion. It was evident that this work
could not be properly undertaken without an increase in staff
and the provision of appropriate rooms. Eventually it was
decided that C.l ward, which was empty, should be divided up
for the purpose of an out-patient deparment and clinic and this
plan was put into action during the year. Nevertheless, the
clinic, when erected, did not appear to be suitable, and was in
fact, not utilised during the year. For some time the Massage
staff had been inadequate to deal with all the treatments recommended
and it was obvious that the existing department was too
small. It was agreed that A.7 ward, formerly used as a mental
observation ward, should be taken over for the purposes of a
Massage Department. This ward was considered to be very
suitable for the purpose, as it lies between the Occupational
Therapy and the Light Departments, and it was hoped that
when it had been suitably adapted, and the staff vacancies
filled, the Physiotherapeutic and Remedial arrangements of the
hospital would provide a service of which the hospital might well
be proud.


1. AdmissionsWest HamEast HamEssexTotal
Public Health2,1391,4743,7037,316
Grand total:—7,759
Average number of in-patient days (Public Health)36
Average number of in-patient days (E.M.S.)25
2. Discharges.West HamEast HamEssexTotal
(This figure includes deaths as stated in para. 5 below E.M.S.457
Total: —7,632
3. Number of Out-Patients3,688
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