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West Ham 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The following Table shows the number of defects treated at the Clinics during the year:-

Impetigo2Other Eye Conditions11
Other Skin Diseases24Otitis Media36
Blepharitis4Other Defects and Diseases310
Examined by Oculist45

Two voluntary After-Care Committees sit to consider the
welfare of children who have recently left these schools.

The following reports have been received regarding "leavers' during the past year.

Knox Road Special School.M.D.P.D
Returned to Elementary School1
Transferred to Continuation School1
Left at Age Limit21
Left having obtained suitable employment54
Excluded by Medical Officer11
Removed from Area58
Transferred to Residential Schools52

Of the children of 14+ who left during the year,
One has domestic work.
One is working at dressmaking.
One is working in a furrier's.
One has clerical work.
One is working as help to a salesman.
One has work as a machinist.
One has work as an ironer.
One has work as a van boy.
One has work as a bag-maker.
One is working in a sweet factory.
One is working with Metal Stampers in Forest Lane.
One is working with a cabinet maker.

All have obtained some sort of employment.

Crange Road Special School.P.D.M.D
Returned to Elementary Schools2_
Removed from District2
Left at Age Limit43
Left having obtained suitable employment211
Transferred to Institutions3
Excluded by Medical Officer210