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Richmond upon Thames 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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Diseases of Animals Acts.
Five hundred and fifty sheep were dipped in Richmond Park
during the summer, and the necessary certificates were furnished to
the owners of the animals.
Rats and Mice Destruction Act, 1919.
As a result of a Conference of various local authorities, called
early in the year by the Ministry of Food, a survey of rat infestations
in the Borough was undertaken.
Of the three types of infestation to be considered (reservoir
type—major primary—minor secondary), it was found that only the
minor secondary type appeared to affect this Borough.
On the 1st of October a Rodent Publicity Campaign was launched
under the directions of the Ministry of Food. This campaign urged
the public to report rat infestation, and it covered (a) advertisements
in the local Press: (b) posters: (c) cinema slides, and (d) coupons
incorporated in advertisements, to be sent to this Department via the
local wardens' posts.
As a result of this drive, 113 complaints of rat infestation were
received, and were found in all cases to be due to the minor secondary
type—i.e. stray rats settling in old buildings, on vacant land, etc.
The Rat Officers of the Surrey County Council were employed
at the request and under the supervision of this Department, and
carried out extermination and ratproofing for the various owners or
occupiers of the buildings and land concerned.

1 he following is a summary of the work done during the year in connection with the destruction of rats and mice:—

Total complaints received178
Visits of inspection paid827
Informal notices served36
Formal notices authorised3
Premises under contract to the Surrey County Council at the end of the year:—
Annual contract23
Monthly contract5
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