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Richmond upon Thames 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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Petroleum Acts 1928.
Visits made during the year 164
Licences for which applications for renewal were made
during the year:—
(a) Petroleum 45
(b) Carbide of Calcium 2
New licences issued during the year 1
Number of persons licensed to keep Petroleum 43
Number of persons licensed to keep Carbide of Calcium 2
Premises under Government control and not subject to
licence by the Local Authority 4
There is one slaughterhouse in the district, but this is not now
in use, as the slaughtering of animals has been centralised, and is
carried out under the supervision of Government inspectors.
The nearest slaughterhouse under this scheme is at Kingston.
Visits made to meat shops or stores, and other premises
where food is prepared or exposed for sale 208
Eradication of Bed Bugs.
Disinfestation methods were applied to the following
Council Houses 2
Other Houses 65

Disinfection of Premises.

Reason.Houses.Rooms.Bedding. disinfected.
Infectious Fevers3738291
Other Diseases61152
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Number received and dealt with during the year 906

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