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Twickenham 1956

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Twickenham]


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    Laboratory Work The usual arrangements were continued during the year and worked satisfactorily.
    Type of Sample or SpecimenNo. TakenResult
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    T able 1
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    Population 1939-1956 Table 2.
    YearPopulationPopulation trendMigration excess
    Total increase or decreasePercentage proportionNatural increase or decreaseInwardOutward
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    T able 3. Causes of Death. Registrar-General's Official Returns
    Causes of DeathMalesFemalesTotal
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    Table 4. Main Causes of Death An analysis of the death returns reveals the following main causes of death:
    DiseasePercentage of total deathsDeath rate per 1,000 of the population
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    T able 5. Infant Mortality ( a ) The following table, compiled from official registrations, gives details of he causes of death at various ages under one year of age:
    Under 1 week1—2 weeks2—3 weeks3—4 weeksTotal under 4 weeks4 weeks and under 3 months3 months and under 6 months6 months and under 9 months9 months and under 12 monthsTotal deaths under 1 year
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    Review of the Comparative Vital and Mortality Statistics for the Borough of Twickenham, together with those for England and Wales for years 1939-1956 inclusive
    YearBirth RateDeath RateInfantile Mortality Rate
    TwickenhamEngland and WalesTwickenhamEngland and WalesTwickenhamEngland and Wales
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    Results of the Chemical and Bacteriological Examination of the Water Supply to the Borough of Twickenham for 1956 Parts per million (unless otherwise stated) (a) Chemical
    Description of the SampleNumber of SamplesAmmoniacal NitrogenAlbuminoid NitrogenOxidised Nitrogen (Nitrate)Chloridesas C1Oxygen abs. from Permanganate 4 hrs. at 27 °C.Turbidity, in terms of SilicaColour, mm. brown, 2 ft. tube, Burgess's TintometerHardness {total)Hardness (Non-carb.)pH. ValuePhosphate as P.O 111/4Silica as SiO2Sulphates as SO4Electrical Conductivity (gemmhos.)
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    b) Bacteriological
    Description of the SampleNumber of SamplesPlate count (average per millilitre) Colonies counted on agar after 20-24 hrs. at 37 °C.Bact. coli test
    Percentages of samples negative in 100 ml.Average number of Bact. coli per 100 ml.
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    Table 8. Analysis of Complaints Received
    Nature of ComplaintNumber Received
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    T able 9. Summary of Visits, Inspections, etc.
    Dwelling-houses for housing defects under Public Health Act:Number
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    Table 9— continued
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    T able 10. Sanitary Improvements Effected
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    Table 11. housing Statistics HOUSES IN CLEARANCE AREAS AND UNFIT HOUSES ELSEWHERE Return for the Year ended 31st December, 1956
    In Clearance Areas: (Housing Act, 1936, and Housing Repairs and Rents Act, 1954)Houses DemolishedDisplaced during year
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    T able 12. Notices Served Administrative action was taken during the year to secure abatement of nuisances and to enforce the appropriate statutory enactments, as follows:
    Subject of NoticePublic Health ActFood and Drugs Act
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    Table 13. Prevention of Damage by Pests Act, 1949
    Local AuthorityDwelling Houses (incl. Council Houses)All other (incl. Business Premises)Total of Cols. 1, 2 & 3
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    TABLE 14. Eradication of Insect Pests. D.D.T. and Other Special Treatments Number of Infestations Treated
    Type of PremisesAntsBugsCockroachesFleasFliesMothsWaspsMiscellaneousTotals
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    T able 15. Disinfections, etc.
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    T able 16. Housing Act, 1936. Overcrowding The known cases of overcrowding on the register of the department at the end of the year were as follows:
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    T able 17. Milk and Dairies Regulations, 1949 Milk (Special Designation) (Raw Milk) Regulations, 1949 Milk (Special Designation) (Pasteurised and Sterilised Milk) Regulations, 1949 The necessary registration of persons and premises, and the issue of appropriate licences, has been effected in accordance with the following table:
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    Table 18. Food and Drugs Act, 1955 Public Health Act, 1936, Section 89 Insanitary Conditions in Food Premises
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    Number of defects
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    T able 19. (a) Meat—Carcases Inspected and Findings at Private Slaughterhouses in the Borough
    Cattle excl. CowsCowsCalvesSheep and LambsPigsHorses
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    T able 20. (a) Meat Diseased and unsound conditions found in meat caused the detention and surrender for destruction of:
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    (b) Other Foodstuffs The following foodstuffs, other than meat, being unfit for human consumption, were voluntarily surrendered for destruction:
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    T able 21. Sampling The Middlesex County Council is the food and drugs authority for the Borough. The Chief Officer, Public Control Department, has kindly supplied the following information relating to samples taken in the Borough during the year ended 31st December, 1956:
    ArticlcTotal Samples ProcuredUnsatisfactory
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    Table 22 Factories Acts, 1937 and 1948. Part I of the Act 1. INSPECTIONS for Purposes of Provisions as to Health:
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    1. Cases in which DEFECTS were Found:
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    Part VIII of the Act. Outwork
    Nature of the workLampshadesWearing apparelElectric Fuse Makers
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    Table 23 Infectious Diseases. Incidence and Mortality Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever and Enteric Fever 1939-1956
    YearDiphtheriaScarlet FeverEnteric Fever
    No. of CasesCase Rate per 1,000 pop.No. of DeathsDeath Rate per 1,000 pop.No. of CasesCase Rate per 1,000 pop.No. of DeathsDeath Rate per 1,000 pop.No. of CasesCase Rate per 1,000 pop.No. of DeathsDeath Rate per 1,000 pop.
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    Table 24 Ophthalmia Neonatorum, years 1939-1956 The following table shows the number of cases notified and result of treatment
    YearCases notifiedCases TreatedVision unimpairedVision impairedTotal blindnessDeaths
    At homeIn hosp.
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    Cases of Infectious Diseases Notified during the Year 1956
    Under 1 year1-22-33-44-55-1010-1515-2020-2525-3535—4545-65Over 65Age not known
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    TABLE 26 Monthly Incidence of Infectious Diseases during the Year 1956
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    TABLE 27 Ward Distribution of Infectious Diseases Notified during the Year 1956
    DiseaseTwickenhamHeath-fieldHampton HillTeddingtonHampton WickTotal
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    T able 28. Tuberculosis The following tables have been compiled from the notifications received: N ew C ases and M ortality
    Age PeriodsNew CasesDeaths
    PulmonaryNon-pulmonaryPulm onaryNon-pulmonary
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    T able 29. P rimary N otifications of T uberculosis, 1939-1956 inclusive
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    T able 30. Food Poisoning
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    Premises concerned with Health Services in Area 10