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Twickenham 1945

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Twickenham]

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There were 4 cases of Diphtheria notified during 1945 as
compared with 5 for the previous All cases were admitted to
hospital. There was one death - a child aged 2 years who had not
been immunized.
The death rate was 0.01 per 1,000 of the population as
compared with 0.02 for England and Wales.
Supply of anti-toxin
Medical practitioners practicing in the Borough may at
any time obtain a supply of diphthewis. anti-toxin from the
fire stations at Twickenham or Teddington, free of charge.
Diphtheria Immunization
At the end of the year it was estimated that the percentage
of child population immunized against diphtheria was as follows:-
Under 5 years
5 to 15 years
The following is a summary of the work carried out:-
Total number of new cases immunised 1603
Schick Testing
Schick test (before inoculation)
No. tested 11
No. susceptible 5
No. imune 4
No. failed to attend 2
Schick tests (after • completion of 1st course of
1st Test 2nd Test 3rd Test
No. tested 1202 171 22
No. protected 954(79%) 124(72%) 16(73%)
No. susceptible 75 22 5
No. failed to attend 173 25 1
In nearly all cases those found to be incompletely protected
after the second Post Schick were re-inoculated.
Total number of attendances for year - 5,842
The diphtheria prophylactic used was A.P.T. and T.A.F.
Scarlet Fever.
The number of cases of Scarlet Fever notified during the
year was 97 compared with 121 in 1944. There were 33 cases admitted
to hospital. No deaths were recorded from this disease.
Enteric Fever.
No cases of enteric fever were notified during the year.
There were no deaths.

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