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Barnes 1940

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]


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    Table 2.—Vital Statistics of the Borough of Barnes during 1940 and previous 5 Years
    Year.Registered BirthsTotal Deaths Registered inTransferable DeathsNett Deaths belonging to the District.
    Uncorrected Number.Nett.Number.Rate.Of nonresidents registered in the District.Of residents registered in the District.Under 1 year of age.At all ages.
    Number.Rate.Number.Rate per 1,000 nett births.NumberRate
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    Table 3.—Birth-rate, Death-rate, and Analysis of Mortality during the Year 1940, with corresponding rates for england and wales, 126 great towns, 148 smaller towns, and for the County of London for comparison.
    Birthrate per 1,000 Total Population.Annual Death-rate per 1,000 Population.Death rate per l 000 Births.Matfrnal Mortality Rate per 1,000 Total Births
    All CausesEnteric Fever.Small-poxMeasles.Scarlet Fever.Whooping Cough.Diphtheria.Influenza.Diarrhœa and Enteritis (under 2 years.Total Deaths under One Year.All Causes.Puerperal Infection.Other Causes.
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    Table 4.—Causes of Death during the Year 1940.
    Causes of Death (Registrar-General's short list of causes).Total DeathsMaleFemale
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    Table 5.—Infant Mortality during the Year 1940. Causes of death, at various ages, of infants under one year.
    Cause of Death.Under 1 Week.1-2 Weeks.2-3 Weeks.3-4 Weeks.Total under 4 W'ks1-3 Months.3-6 Months.6-9 Months.9-12 Months.Total under 1 YearDeaths in the BoroughDeaths outside the Borough.Deaths in Institu'ns
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    Table 6.—Epidemic Diseases: Death-rate per 1,000 of the Population, 1940.
    Disease.Barnes.London.England and Wales.
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    Table 7.—Zymotic Death-rate for 1940, contrasted with the Death-rates for the previous Five Years.
    Year.Barnes.London.England and Wales.
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    Table 8.—Measles: Death-Rate per 1,000 of Population.
    Year.Barnes.London.England & Wales.
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    Table 9.—Whooping Cough: Death-Rate per 1,000 of the Population.
    Year.Barnes.London.England & Wales.
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    Table 10.—Public Mortuary. Number of Bodies Received at Borough Public Mortuary During 1940
    ResidentNon-ResidentPersons UnknownTotal
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    Table 11.—Cleansing and Disinfestation of Verminous Persons.
    Treated at Borough Cleansing Station.
    For Verminous HeadFor Verminous BodyFor ScabiesTotals
    No. of PersonsAttendancesNo. of PersonsAttendancesNo, of PersonsAttendancesNo. of PersonsAttendances
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    Table 12—Infected and Infested Rooms and Articles (dealt with by the Council).
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    Table 13.—Rats and Mice Destruction.
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    Table 14.—Showing the Number and Nature of the Inspections made by the sanitary inspectors during 1940, the number of Notices Served in Respect of Defects found in the Course of Inspection, and the Number of Notices complied with.
    Nature of Inspections.Number of Premises Visited.Number of Visits of Inspection and Re-inspectionAction taken in respect of defective conditions
    Informal Notices.Statutory Notices
    Number issued.Complied with.Number issued.Complied with.
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    16 Table 15.—Factories.
    No. of Premises on Register.Inspection.
    NumberWritten Notices Served.
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    Table 16.—Home Workers.
    Work undertaken.No. on Register.
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    Table 17.—Shops Acts, 1938.
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    Table 18.—Disposal of House Refuse, 1940.
    From Barnes Borough.From Richmond Borough.
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    Table 20.—Slaughterhouses.
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    Table 21.—Unsound Food. In no instance was it found necessary to seize unsound food on any premises. The following articles were voluntanly surrendered and destroyed as being unfit for human consumption:—
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    Table 22.—Infectious Diseases : Incidence per 1,000 of the Population in 1940.
    Disease.Barnes.London.England and Wales.
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    Table 23.—Showing the Notifications of Infectious Diseases Received during 1940 arranged in Four-Weekly Periods.
    Four-weekly period endingDiphtheria.Scarlet Fever.Measles.Enteric Fever.Pneumonia.ErysipelasPuerperal Pyrexia.Cerebrr-spinal Fever.Ophthalmia NeonatorumWhooping Cough
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    Table 24.—Notifiable Infectious Diseases, 1940.
    Diseases.Total Cases Notified.Ages, in years.ParishRemoved to Hospital.Total Deaths of Residents. †
    Under 1 year1 to 2.2 to 3.3 to 4.4 to 5.5 to 10.10 to 15.15 to 20.20 to 25.25 to 35.35 to 45.45 to 65.65 and over.BarnesMortlake.
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    Table 25.—Notifiable Infectious Diseases, 1930 to 1940.
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    Table 26.—Schools.
    Number in BoroughNumber of who suffered Scarlet Feverscholars i from:— Diphtheria
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    Table 27.—Diphtheria Immunisation Clinic. The Following Table Shows the Position on 31st December, 1940, in Respect of the 138 Children who Attended the Clinic during 1940.
    Position on 31st Dec., 1940
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    Table 28.—Laboratory Facilities.
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    Table 29.—Tuberculosis Notification Register.
    Form of Disease.On Register, 1st Ian., 1940Cases Added.Removed from Register.Remaining on Register 31st Dec 1940
    Primary Notif nsOther- wise.Total.Non-Tub.CuredLeft DistrictDead.Total.
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    Table 30.—Tuberculosis : New Cases and Mortality, 1940.
    Age-Periods.New Cases.*Deaths.
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    Table 31.—Institutional Treatment.
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    INFECTIOUS DISEASES HOSPITAL. Table 32—Admissions & Deaths
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    MATERNITY AND CHILD WELFARE. Table 33.— H ome-Visiting.
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    Table 34.—Notification of Births.
    (a) Registered in Borough:—Live BirthsStill Births,Totals.
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    Table 35—Institutional Confinements.
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    Table 37— Infant-Welfare Clinics.—Attendances.
    Year 1939.Year 1940,
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    Table 38.—Child Life Protection.
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    Table 39.—Voluntary Associations. (1) Nursing Associations.
    Barnes District Nursing AssociationMortlake District Nursing AssociationTotals