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Wanstead and Woodford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wanstead and Woodford]


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    Birth-rates, Death-rates, Analysis of Mortality, Maternal Mortality, and Case-rates for certain Infectious Diseases in the year 1961 England and Wales and London (Provisional Figures based on Quarterly Returns)
    England and WalesLondon Administrative CountyBorough of WANSTEAD and WOODFORD
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    England and WalesBorough of Wanstead & Woodford
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    Maternal Mortality
  • Page 8
    Causes of Death as given by the Registrar-General, 1961
    Causes of DeathMalesFemalesTotal
  • Page 9
    Causes of Death in Wanstead and Woodford 1950 to 1961
    YEARRespiratory TuberculosisOther TuberculosisCancer-StomachCancer-Lung & BronchusCancer-OtherVascular Lesion Nervous SystemCoronary Heart DiseaseAll forms Heart Disease including CoronaryPneumoniaBronchitisMotor Vehicle AccidentsAll other CausesTOTAL
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    Infant Deaths, Neo-Natal Mortality and Stillbirths
    StillbirthsNeo-Natal DeathsInfant Deaths
    YearLive BirthsBirth RateNo.Per 1,000 Live BirthsPer 1,000 PopulationNo.Per 1,000 Live BirthsNoPer 1000 Live Births
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    Maternal Mortality The maternal mortality rates (per 1,000 total births) for the past five years have been as follows:.
    DeathsRates per 1,000 Births (Live and Still)
    YearTotal Births RegisteredPuerperal SepsisOther Maternal CausesTotalPuerperal SepsisOther Maternal CausesTotal
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    Maternal Mortality, Stillbirths and Neo-Natal Deaths
    Rate per 1,000 Lave Births
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    Comparative Statistics of Births, Mortality, etc., 1942 to 1961
    Live BirthsStill BirthsDeathsInfant DeathsMaternal Deaths
    YearPopulationNo:Rate*No:RatetNo:Rate*No:Rate§No:Rate §
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    WOODFORD (Municipal Offices and Croft Lodge Close)
    Year 1955195619571958195919601961
  • Page 23
    Year 1955195619571958195919601961
  • Page 23
    Results with comparison with 1960 were as follows
    1st Treatment1960 2nd Treatment1961 1st Treatment2nd Treatment
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    1. Inspections for the purposes of provisions as to health (including Inspections made by Public Health Inspectors).
    Premises (1)Number on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten noticesOccupiesprosecuted
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    The following table shows the incidence of infectious disease dining the year, together with the number and percentages of cases admitted to hospital and the number and percentage of deaths.
    DiseaseTotal NotifiedRemoved to HospitalPer cent Removed to HospitalDeathsDeaths per cent of cases Notified
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    These cases of infectious disease have been divided into age incidence and set out in the accompanying table: -
    DiseaseAll AgesUnder 1 yr.1-4 yrs.5-9 yrs.10-14 yrs.15-24 yrs.25-44 yrs.45-64 yrs.65 & Over
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    YearPopulationNo. NotifiedNotification RateAge GroupDeath Rate
    Under 11-55-1010-1515-2525-45Over 45Deaths
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    The following table shows particulars of new cases of tuberculosis and of deaths from the disease in the Borough during 1961.
    Age PeriodsNew CasesDeaths
    Pulmonarynon-PulmonaryPulmonaryN on-Pulmonary
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    A comparative summary over the past 20 years for the Borough is set out in the following table.
    YearNotificationsTotal NotiificationTotal Notification RateDeathsTotal DeathsTotal Death Rate
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    The following table sets out statistically the work of the Health Visitors in the Borough during 1961: -
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    The number of persons vaccinated or re-vaccinated was:-
    Under 11-4 yrs.5-14 yrs.15 orover Total
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    Children were examined in the primary schools and 2191 in the secondary schools as follows: -
  • Page 60
    The following table shows the defects found in school children as a result of examination by Medical Officers at the Clinic:
    DefectNo. found to require treatmentNo. to be kept , under observation
  • Page 61
    Dental Inspections and Treatment :