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Heston and Isleworth 1915

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Heston and Isleworth]

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Shewing the number of SPECIAL CASES excluded, re-admitted, and under observation during

52 weeks ending 25th December, 1915.

Cases remaining excluded at 26-12-14.Cases coming under observation during 52 weeks under report.Cases excluded during 52 weeks under report.Cases re-admitted during 52 weeks under report.Cases remaining excluded or under observation at 25-12-15.No. of examinations made of cases during 52 weeks under report.Total No. Attendances lost in cases excluded for a known period.
1a Ringworm3598911351258213025
1 Other Diseases of Skin6252204194176734996
2a Defective Vision...492145461
2 Other affections of Eye644152231132442
3a Carious Teeth...6.........5...
3 Other dis. of mouth, throat, &c.497434062021372
4a Pulmonary Tuberculosis1355107273144
4 Other diseases of Lungs7453026101091271
5 Other forms of Tuberculosis...2232101519
6 Diseasesof Heart & Circulat'n52014166651210
7 Diseases of Nervous System434221913861240
8 Mental Conditions1921413440
9 Physical Defects2852320689
10 Diseases of Digestive System420119562355
11 Other Diseases289504910149922
12 Nitty & Verminous Conditions21169810033701835
13 Other reasons510916161104917