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Heston and Isleworth 1915

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Heston and Isleworth]

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Sanitary Inspection of the District.
Details of the inspections and work done is set out in Table X.
in the Appendix to this report.
The number of premises inspected on receipt of complaint
was 247, and the number of house-to-house inspections 21. Inspections
of houses where infectious diseases had been notified
numbered 149.
Nuisances, Contraventions of Bye-laws, Defective Drainage, etc.
The number of unremedied nuisances brought forward from
1914 was 158. The number of nuisances recorded during the year
was 599, but during the year 469 nuisances were remedied, leaving
288 premises in which nuisances still existed at the end of the

Table shewing Nuisances, etc., reported to and directions given and action taken by the Health Committee, together with the results of such action during 1915:—

Premises.I No. of houses dealt with.No. of houses in respect of which notices were authorised.No. of houses in respect of which notices were served.No. of houses in respect of which the notices were complied with.No. of houses carried forward to 1916.
Brought forward from 1914—10108373
Dealt with in 19152423...191410

Premises and Occupations controlled by Bye-laws or
There are about 350 premises in this district which call for
periodical inspection such as the following
Houses let in Lodgings, Common Lodging Houses, Bakehouses,
Slaughter-houses, Cowsheds, Dairies and Milkshops,
Offensive Trades, Laundries (non factory) and Workshops and
Work Places.