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Wimbledon 1951

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wimbledon]

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(iii) Non-tuberculous conditions :

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Clean Food Advisory Committee.
Three meetings of the Clean Food Advisory Committee were held
during the year.
Codes of Practice drawn up in the Public Health Department
were considered by the Committee and finally approved after consultation
with the representatives of the various retail food industries concerned.
Copies of these Codes of Practice were sent to the owners or
managers of all premises in the Borough concerned with the handling
and distribution of food.
The Codes of Practice comprise general Codes applicable to all
food traders and other persons handling food, and additional Codes
applicable to specific food trades. Much that is contained in them
goes beyond what is enforceable by law at the present time. The
Clean Food Advisory Committee felt that the voluntary acceptance
of the standards laid down in the Codes would be a most valuable
factor in enhancing the standard of hygiene in the preparation and
distribution of food in the Borough.
The Clean Food Advisory Committee also had under consideration
the establishment of a Clean Food Guild. No decision in this matter
had been reached at the end of the year.
Ministry of Food Circular 20/51.
This Circular, issued by the Ministry of Food in October, 1951,
recommended the issue to food traders of a notice signed by the
Medical Officer of Health requesting customers not to bring dogs into
food shops. The recommendation was adopted by the Health Committee,
and printed notices were issued to all food traders in the
Borough for exhibition on their premises.

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