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Wimbledon 1931

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wimbledon]

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Clinics and Treatment Centres: —
Maternity and Child Welfare Centres:—
(1) Wandle Park House, Wandle Bank, Wimbledon.
(2) Health Centre, Pelham Road, Wimbledon.
(3) Ante-natal Clinic, Wandle Park House, Wandle
Bank. All under the Wimbledon Borough Council.
Day Nursery, Hubert Road, Wimbledon, under the
Wimbledon Borough Council.
School Clinic:—Health Centre, Pelham Road, Wimbledon,
under the Wimbledon Education Committee.
School Dental Clinic:—Health Centre, Pelham Road.
Tuberculosis:—Dispensary, Aston Road, Raynes Park,
S.W.20, under the Surrey County Council.
Venereal Diseases:—Under the scheme of the Surrey
County Council, facilities for treatment are available
through the out-patient departments of the large
London Hospitals.
Public Health Officers of the Local Authority. (See p. 2).
Professional Nursing in the Home.
General and Midwifery:—The Wimbledon and District
Nursing and Midwifery Association, which is supported by
voluntary contributions, has a staff of a matron and six nurses.
Four of the staff are district nurses, and two district midwives.
The Association attended 144 midwifery cases during the year.
Ninety-four of these were midwives cases and fifty were cases
with doctors in attendance. In all, 2,332 visits were paid to
maternity cases. Furthermore, 404 ante-natal visits were made
by the nursing staff of the Association. The total number of
eases dealt with during 1931, including midwifery, amounted to
841, making the total number of visits paid 15,264.
The Wimbledon Borough Council make an annual contribution
of ten guineas, to this Association.
Midwives Acts, 1902-1926.
On 1st April, 1931, the Borough Council became the Supervising
Authority for the Midwives Acts in Wimbledon. Nineteen
midwives notified their intention of practising in the Borough
during the year, together with five midwives resident in outside
areas. Three of the former eventually removed to other districts,
leaving sixteen practising midwives in Wimbledon at the end of
1931. Regular inspection of the midwives was carried out by
the Assistant Medical Officer, who is the Inspector of Midwives
for the Borough. These inspections, with few minor exceptions,
shewed_that the records, bags, instruments, etc., were being
maintained in a satisfactory manner.