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Wimbledon 1931

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wimbledon]

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(2) Maternity.—The Maternity Block of the Nelson
Hospital was opened in September, 1931, and has
accommodation for twenty beds, together with an
Ante-natal Department. Although this Hospital
is situated just outside the boundary twenty-nine
Wimbledon patients were admitted for their confinements
up to 31st December, 1931.
(3) Children.—There are no special Children's Hospitals
in Wimbledon. The general hospitals in the area
are available for the purpose. Many of the children
in the Borough receive treatment from the large
London Hospitals such as Great Ormond Street and
Tite Street.
(4) Infectious Diseases.—The Corporation's Isolation
Hospital, at Gap Road, has accommodation for 106
beds for the treatment of patients suffering from
scarlet fever, diphtheria, enteric, erysipelas,
meningitis, etc. In addition, treatment is provided
for certain cases of puerperal sepsis.
(5) Others. —None.
(b) Hospitals available, for the area: —
There is only one general hospital in the district, viz.:
the Wimbledon Hospital, Thurstan Road, Copse Hill,
which has accommodation for 72 bed cases. In
addition there is the Nelson Hospital for Wimbledon,
Merton and District, which is situated just outside
the boundary. This hospital has 62 beds for medical
and surgical cases and twenty beds for maternity
patients. The Kingston and District Hospital, which
is in Norbiton, has 500 beds. This hospital is administered
by the Public Assistance Committee of the
Surrey County Council.
(c) Institutions for unmarried mothers: —
Southwark Diocesan Maternity Home at 56, Gap Road,
has accommodation for twelve mothers.
Ambulance facilities: —
(a) For infectious diseases.—Two motor ambulances are
maintained by the Wimbledon Borough Council at
their Isolation Hospital, Gap Road. One of these
ambulances is utilised for the removal of patients,
whilst the other is used for disinfecting purposes.
(b) For non-infectious cases and accidents.—One motor
ambulance is maintained at the Fire Station, Queen's
Road, under the Wimbledon Borough Council.