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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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"The total number of new cases of tuberculosis arising in the
Clinic area was 96 of which 78 were cases of respiratory disease and
18 were non-respiratory. Of the total number remaining on the Clinic
register at December 31st, 1962, 54 produced broncho-pulmonary
secretions positive for tubercle bacilli during the year.
The new Clinic building provides up-to-date accommodation in
excellent surroundings and the association with a large general
hospital is a great advantage,
Close contact must be maintained with the Local Authority
Health Departmentsas this remains an essential part of the continuing
effort to control tuberculosis completely.
The total notifications of new cases of tuberculosis refers to
the combined area, with the Walthamstow figure separately."

It is of interest to note that very few cases of 'significant' tuberculosis were discovered, a total of four only out of just over 6,000 examinations.

Groups AttendingMaleFemaleTotal
General Public1,7112,2823,993
Organised Groups9835761,559
Total3, 1632,8586,021
TOTAL number requiring further investigation513384

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Groups in which Pulmonary Tuberculosis was discoveredMaleFemaleTotal
Requiring immediate treatment Organised Groups1-1
Requiring close clinic General Public-11
supervision Organised Groups2-2
Requiring occasional clinic General Public448
supervision Organised Groups4-4
Presumed further General Public7815
action required Organised Groups2-2
Among other abnormalities discovered were:MaleFemaleTotal
Bronchial Carcinoma1-1
Congenital abnormalities of heart and vessels213
Acquired abnormalities of heart and vessels437
Pulmonary fibrosis non T. B.314
Pleural thickening or calcification3-3
Abnormalities of the diaphragm-11
Congenital abnormalities of the bony thorax and soft tissues8614
Acquired abnormalities of the bony thorax and soft tissues1-1