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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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ProjectApproximate CostCapital Programme (Year or Period)
4. Priory Court Health Services Clinic (Extension)Building5,0001966/67
Equipment1, 000
Professional Pees500
£6, 500
5. St. James' St.Health Services ClinicSite8,5001967/72
Pees1, 500
6, Wood Street Health Services ClinicSite5,0001967/72
Building20, 000
Equipment2, 500
Professional Pees1,000

Priority Dental Service
Again only two full time dental surgeons were employed in 1962,
although we were successful in recruiting four part time surgeons
during the year.
As a result, we have been able to continue to inspect and offer
treatment to a greater number of children than during the previous
The acceptance rate to offers of treatment are rather low, and
this may be due to the lack of permanent staff, whom the children
and parents come to know, and between whom a proper patient
dentist relationship develops.
We are looking forward with interest to the advent of a dental
auxiliary in the near future. The services of these young ladies
may, in the long run, prove the answer to the lack of permanent
dental surgeons.
Section 23. MIDWIFERY
Seventeen pupil midwives entered for the district training and
fifteen passed.
One midwife attended a Refresher Course arranged by the Royal
College of Midwives.
The number of home deliveries was 504.
The number of cases discharged early from maternity hospital
into the care of domiciliary midwives was 84.
The non medical supervisor of midwives is a member of the
Obstetric Liason Committee and attends all quarterly meetings.