London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Lollies (Various )
Nine water ice samples were examined for bacterial purity and
all were satisfactory.
Meat and Other Foods
There are no slaughterhouses in the Borough.

The following is a summary of food surrendered and condemned as being unfit for human consumption. Where possible, the food was salvaged.

199 tins Evaporated Milk238 tins Peaches
1 tin Condensed Milk94 tins Pears
21 tins Pull Cream Milk5 tins Rhubarb
33 tins Cream1 tin Gooseberries
52 tins Coffee44 tins Grapefruit
11 tins Malt Beverage38 tins Apricots
647 tins Soup214 tins Pineapple
6 tins Strained Food38 tins Prunes
224 tins Baby Poods3 tins Blackberries
65 tins Junior Poods16 tins Plums
222 tins Creamed Rice25 tins Grapefruit Juice
1 tin Chocolate Pudding1 tin Apple and Apricot Juice
3 tins Treacle Puddings1 tin Apple and Pineapple Juice
7 tins Jam11 tins Pineapple Juice
15 tins Syrup44 tins Orange Juice
9 tins Macaroni1 tin Ginger Beer
4 tins Beetroot21 tins Tomato Juice
60 tins Beans11 tins Vienna Sausages
1 tin Broad Beans91 tins Steak
18 tins Butter Beans3 tins Meat Pudding
306 tins Baked Beans1 tin Veal and Ham
4 tins Beans & Sausages1 tin Irish Stew
31 tins Beans/Pork2 tins Ravioli
6 tins Curried Beans2 tins Tongue
363 tins Peas3 tins Beef Loaf
53 tins Spaghetti1 tin Minced Beef
3 tins Asparagus1 tin Sweet Corn
39 tins Carrots2 tins Pease Pudding
13 tins Vegetable Salad90 tins Salmon
248 tins Tomatoes2 tins Crab
55 tins Mixed Vegetables25 tins Pilchards
5 tins Potato Salad15 tins Sild
2 tins Sauerkraut94 tins Kippers
3 tins Tomato Puree31 tins Roes
54 tins Fruit Salad6 tins Cheese Flaps
32 tins Cherries34 tins Confectionery
107 tins Mandarin Oranges41 tins Drink Crystals
1 tin Mandarins & Peaches33 tins Baking Powder