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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Housing Inspections
I. Inspection of dwelling houses during the year:-
(1) (a) Total number of dwelling houses inspected for
housing defects (under the Public Health or
Housing Acts) 1,294
(b) Number of inspections made for the purpose 3,769
(2) (a) Number of dwelling houses (included under
sub head (1) above) which are inspected and
recorded under the Housing Consolidated
Regulations, 1925 and 1932 7
(b) Number of inspections made for the purpose 10
(3) Number of dwelling houses found to be in a state
so dangerous or injurious to health as to be unfit
for human habitation (N.B. These comprise
individual unfit houses) 16
(4) Number of dwelling houses (exclusive of those
referred to under the preceding sub-head) found
not to be in all respects reasonably fit for human
habitation 440
II. Unfit houses closed:-
(1) Under Sections 16(4), 17(1) and 35(1), Housing Act,
1957 16
(2) Under Sections 17(3) and 26, Housing Act, 1957 -
(3) Parts of buildings closed under Section 18, Housing
Act, 1957 -
III. Unfit houses made fit and houses in which defects were remedied:-
(1) After informal action by Local Authority 367*
(2) After formal notice under (a) Public Health Acts 87*
(b) Sections 9 and 16,
Housing Act, 1957 3*
(3) Under Section 24, Housing Act, 1957 -
* Including those notices outstanding from previous years.

Inspection and Supervision of Food

Details of Milk Samples taken:

GradeNo. of SamplesSatisfactory Result
Tuberculin Tested Pasteurised4040