London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Smoke Abatement

Readings from atmospheric pollution instruments for the year are as follows: (the figures given are in milligrams of sulphur per day).

Sir George Monoux Grammar School3.
Willow Walk site2.
Woodford County High School1.
Blackhorse Lane site3.
Sir George Monoux Grammar School0.720.761.
Willow Walk site0.880.650.881.62.72.9
Woodford County High School0.600.520.651.12.12.3
Blackhorse Lane site0.890.711.

The above figures are similar to those obtained by adjacent
authorities and are lower than those given for Central London, the
highest figure for Central London being 6.5.

Rent Act, 1957

The following action was taken under the Act during 1962:

Part I Applications for Certificates of Disrepair
(1) Number of applications for certificates11
(2) Number of decisions not to issue certificates-
(3) Number of decisions to issue certificates (a) in respect of some but not all defects6
(b) in respect of all defects5
(4) Number of undertakings given by landlords under paragraph 5 of the First Schedule9
(5) Number of undertakings refused by Local Authority under proviso to paragraph 5 of the First Schedule1
(6) Number of certificates issued4
Part II Applications for cancellation of Certificates
(7) Number of applications by landlords to Local Authority for cancellation of certificates2
(8) Number of objections by tenants to cancellation of certificates2
(9) Number of decisions by Local Authority to cancel in spite of tenant's objection-
(10) Number of certificates cancelled by Local Authority1

In addition to the above, 13 applications were received from
landlords and tenants for certificates as to remedying, or failing to
remedy, the defects set out on the undertaking given by the landlord.
Of the 13 applications, 10 certificates were issued and the remainder
(3) were not granted.