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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Causes of Death as given by the Registrar General for the

Year 1962

Causes of DeathMalesFemalesTotal1961
1.Tuberculosis, Respiratory557
2.Tuberculosis, other---1
3.Syphilitic Disease4262
5.Whooping Cough----
6.Meningococcal Infections----
7.Acute Poliomyelitis----
9.Other Infective and Parasitic Diseases---1
10.Malignant neoplasm, stomach21234440
11.Malignant neoplasm, Lung.
12.Malignant neoplasm, breast1262723
13.Malignant neoplasm, uterus-9910
14.Other malignant and lymphatic neoplasms6368131121
15.Leukaemia, aleukaemia43710
17.Vascular lesions of nervous system6583148154
18.Coronary disease, angina16081241251
19.Hypertension with heart disease861430
20.Other heart disease5485139165
21.Other circulatory disease23325562
25.Other diseases of respiratory system651110
26.Ulcer of stomach and duodenum1031316
27.Gastritis, enteritis and diarrhoea-446
28.Nephritis and nephrosis3146
29.Hyperplasia of prostate8-88
30.Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion-11-
31.Congenital malformations6397
32.Other defined and ill defined diseases25659095
33.Motor Vehicle Accidents1141513
34.All other accidents1091913
36.Homicide and operations of war----
Totals 19626506231,273-
Totals 1961684639~1,323

The age distribution of Cancer deaths was as follows: Deaths from Lung Cancer are shown separately but are also included in the total age groups.

Under 1 yr1 4 yrs.5 14 yrs15 24 yrs.25 44 yrs.45-64 yrs.65 74 yrs.75 & over
Total deaths221121247973
Lung Males131167