London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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"The approximate number of swimmers in 1948 was
"Bacteriological and chemical analyses were carried out on
four occasions with satisfactory results.
"The following Essex championships were held at the Pool
during the year: —
Essex County Boys' Springboard Diving.
Essex County Girls' Springboard Diving.
Essex County Ladies' Springboard Diving."
(a) Statistics
Reference was last made in the report for 1941 to the number
of houses erected.
No houses were erected during the years 1942/45.

The Borough Engineer and Surveyor and the Borough Architect have kindly supplied the following information for the years 1946/8.

1946Houses Erected by:—
(a) Local Authority.(b) Private Enterprise
Hoe Street Ward49 (T)
St. James Street Ward38 (T)
Higham Hill Ward61 (T)8 (R)1 (P)
High Street Ward41 (T)
Wood Street Ward26 (T)
Hale End Ward34 (T)4 (P)2 (R)
TOTALS249 (T)8 (R)5 (P)2 (R)
Higham Hill Ward45 (T)6 (R)
22 (P)14 (Flats) (P)33 (R)
Wood Street Ward45 (T)20 (R)
Hale End Ward15 (R)3 (P)30 (R)
TOTALS90 (T)21 (R)3 (P)83 (R)
22 (P)14 (Flats) (P)
St. James Street Ward4 (R)
Higham Hill Ward64 (P)108 (Flats) (P)21 (R)
Wood Street Ward18 (R)
Hale End Ward196 (T)1 (P)45 (R)
TOTALS196 (T)108 (Flats) (P)
64 (P)1 (P)88 (R)

Note : (T) Temporary Houses.
(R) Rebuilding war-destroyed Houses.
(P) Post-war permanent Houses and Flats.