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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The ratio of deaths in non-notified cases (i.e., columns to the
right of the double line) to total deaths from Tuberculosis was
17 to 87, or 1 to 5.1.
Appropriate action was taken when necessary with regard to

The table given below shows the number of cases on the Register at the beginning and end of 1936:—

Pulmonary.Total.Non-Pulmonary.Total.Grand Total.
No. on RegisterM.F.M.F.
1st January9608571,8174894359242,741
Notified during 19365856114151227141
Removed from Register, 19362062094155882140555
No. on Register 31st December8127041,5164463658112,327
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Five hundred and fifty-five removals from the Register were made up as follows:—

M .F.M.F.M.F.M.F.
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The discrepancy between the number of deaths recorded here
and the number of registered deaths during the calendar year is
accounted for by transferable deaths and by cases not notified prior
to death.
Treatment of Tuberculosis.
Treatment is given under the Essex County Council's Scheme.
The admissions to Hospital during 1936 were:—

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