London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Three cases were notified, two being later withdrawn.

No.Ward.Age.Date of Notification .By whom Notified.Result.
1.Hale End1626.3.36HospitalDied.
*2.Wood Street102.4.36PrivateDied in Hospital.
PractitionerP.M. diagnosis— Tubercular Meningitis.
*3.High Street713.5.36HospitalDied in Hospital. P.M. diagnosis— Pneumococcal Meningitis.
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*Notification withdrawn.

Five cases were notified

No.Ward.Age.Date of Notification.By whom Notified.Result.
1.Hoe Street74.9.36Private practitionerRecovered.
2.Higham Hill1322.9.36HospitalIn hospital at end of year.
3.Higham Hill619.9.36Private practitioner & hospitalDied.
4.Higham Hill730.9.36HospitalIn hospital at end of year.
5.Higham Hill31.10.36Private practitioner & hospitalIn hospital at end of year.
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One case was notified on September 17th after the death of the
patient. The notification was withdrawn on October 16th.
Two absentees from work were reported from a Metropolitan
Borough in connection with an illness possibly caused by food at
a staff canteen. In one case the symptoms were slight and the
patient returned to work in a few days. The second patient had a
more severe attack, but the bacteriological investigation proved to
be negative to micro-organisms of the Salmonella group.

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