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Walthamstow 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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A subsequent crop of cases has occurred in the corresponding
period of 1937—again without any obvious source of infection.
The same experience has been met with in adjoining areas.

The following table gives particulars:—

No.Ward.Age.Date of NotificationDiagnosis.Where Treated.Result.
1Hale End1129.1.36Para-typhoid B.HospitalRecovered.
2Wood Street1630.1.36
3Hale End122.2.36At home
4Higham Hill2413.2.36Hospital
5Hale End6417.2.36
6Hoe Street1217.2.36
7Hale End2623.7.36Typhoid
8Hoe Street115.9.36
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Five cases of Bacillary Dysentery were notified. Cases 3 to 5 (below) occurred in one family and were very mild. The parents declined removal to hospital.

No.Ward.Age.Date of notification.Where treated.Result.
1St. James Street723.1.36HospitalRecovered.
2Wood Street544.2.36At home
3St. James Street417.3.36
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The tables show the incidence by months, ages and wards.
Most of the cases removed to Hospital received treatment at Whipps
Cross Hospital:—

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